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PDFStuff Terms of Use

Last updated: June 11, 2020

1. Terms of Use & Acceptance

The following Terms of Use (“TOU”) are intended for providing an explanation of how you are able to utilize this website (the “Website”) and all of its associated pages. It’s important to read them carefully prior to the use of this Website. Through access and/or use of this Website, you hereby indicate your consent and agreement to being bound by the herein TOU and any documents referenced herein. In the event that you are not in agreement with nor accepting of any of the terms, you are hereby required to immediately cease and desist utilizing said Website. For any further questions regarding this Website, you can contact us at support(at)pdfstuff(dot)com.

2. TOU Modifications

Without any prior notice, PDFStuff is reserving the right to perform updates to this TOU at any time. For reviewing the most recent TOU version, click on the hypertext link at the bottom of our Web pages that is marked “Terms of Use”.

3. Services Description

You are being given access to various services, including software (downloadable on third-party websites or our websites, as well as pre-installed on any software as a service (SaaS) or device, and/or resources that include communication forums, download areas, product information (i.e. enhancements, new features, updates, and/or new Web properties added (collectively referenced as “Services”), that may be subject to these TOU.

4. Usage Restrictions

Should you choose to use this Website and/or its Services, you are hereby agreeing to be bound by the following conditions:

  • Not using this Website and/or its Services for the distribution of any malware, virus, or any other harmful software code;
  • Not defaming or disparaging, any person, either physically or legally, or making any derogatory, obscene, or offensive comment(s) or otherwise using this Website and/or its Services and/or content in any manner that could discredit create any liability for PDFStuff or any third party;
  • Not creating any derivative work(s) from, or exploiting in any manner, this Website, its Services, and/or the content therein (except as PDFStuff under these TOU and/or the License Agreement permit or as is provided specifically under any applicable law(s);
  • Not using this Website for any unlawful purposes under any applicable laws, or as it may be prohibited by all terms and conditions herein and/or under the aforementioned License Agreement;
  • Not making any suggestion or representation whatsoever that PDFStuff is in any way endorsing any other business, service, or product unless it is previously and expressly agreed to in writing;
  • You are also hereby in acceptance of the sole responsibility for any/all expenses and costs that you may be subjected to related to your utilization of this Website and/or its Services and that you bear the sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your account details and password.

PDFStuff reserves its right to suspend any/all Website access should you fail at maintaining your full compliance with anything/everything contained in this document or any applicable law(s).

5. Protecting Personal Information & Privacy

Please read all of the Privacy Policy disclosures that relate to collecting and using any information that you provide and as results from you accessing and utilizing this Website and/or its Services.

6. Notice Regarding Available Documents

PDFStuff is granting you permission to utilize any/all documents herein (including but not limited to articles, datasheets, FAQs, and press releases) resulting from using the Services herein, provided that: (1) the copyright notice below is included on all copies, (2) using said documents are for personal, informational, and non-commercial use only and shall not be copied and/or broadcast in any form of media or posted to any network computer (unless expressly permitted under the License Agreement), and (3) no document modifications have been made.

Notwithstanding the above conditions, any accredited educational institution, (i.e. K 12, state, community, private, and/or public colleges, or university, has permission for downloading and reproducing the Documents herein for distributing in the classroom. Outside of classrooms, our prior written permission is required. For any other purpose whatsoever, the aforementioned acts are expressly prohibited, resulting in both civil and criminal penalties. PDFStuff may exercise all available rights and recourse to the maximum extent allowed by law against any violator(s).

7. No Representations

Neither PDFStuff nor its respective suppliers are making any representation regarding the application of any information on this Website, its documents, and/or related graphics and services. All have been provided “as is” with no warranty of any kind. Both PDFStuff and its suppliers are hereby disclaiming any/ all conditions and warranties regarding said information, its merchantability (express or ), or its suitability for any particular purpose whatsoever. In no event, is PDFStuff or its suppliers and representatives in any way liable for any damages of any kind that may result from any loss whatsoever. In addition, changes may be made periodically to any information herein and/or its products/programs.

8. Notices

PDFStuff and/or its suppliers or representatives shall not be held liable in any way for any damages (consequential, direct, indirect or otherwise considered to be special) that might be caused by any form of loss of data or profits arising from using this website and/or any of its related services. And, in no event will PDFStuff’s combined liability to exceed any legal limitations in the aforementioned license agreement.

9. User Accounts, Security & Passwords

Pursuant to our Privacy Policy, if any service herein is requiring you to open an account, then completing the registration process is required and you must provide accurate, complete, and current information on the registration form. This will also include choosing both a user name and a password. You will be solely responsible for any/all activities occurring under your personal account. You also agree to immediately notify PDFStuff regarding your account’s unauthorized use or other security or confidentiality breach. PDFStuff is not in any way liable for any loss resulting from a third party utilizing your user account, name, or password, whether it is with your knowledge or without it. You could also be liable for any loss incurred by PDFStuff or any other party resulting from any third party who uses your user account, name, or password.

10. Temporary Storage

PDFStuff may store certain information and documents that you provide during the use of the Services 24 hours maximum for the purpose of avoiding any data loss in the event of Internet connection failure (subject to the section 8 provisions herein).

11. Prohibited Usage

You agree to not acting in any manner that could damage, disable, impair, or overburden any PDFStuff server (or network connected to them). You also are forbidden from obtaining or attempting to obtain any information or materials via any means not made available to any legitimate user by this Website and/or its Services.

12. Third-Party Site Links

No linked Websites are under PDFStuff’s control, so PDFStuff will not be held responsible for any content therein. PDFStuff is in no way responsible for any form of transmission that you receive from a linked website, including webcasting since the links are provided as a convenience with no implication of any endorsement whatsoever.

13. Governing Laws

This agreement is governed by the laws of the United States devoid of any references to conflict of the basic principles of said laws. Therefore, you are hereby in agreement with any litigation related to this agreement being brought to bear in and be subject to any Superior Court of California‘s jurisdiction.