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PDFStuff Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 11, 2020

The PDF Converter PDFStuff (“PDFStuff”, “we” or “us”) identifies privacy as a critical concern and is committed to safeguarding it. We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ confidentiality is upheld when using our services. In this privacy policy, PDFStuff reviews its practices that include the handling and processing of personal information from users who visit our website.

Concerning our Privacy Terms, we define a “Service” as any program developed by PDFStuff. The service includes any software acquired directly from our website or from affiliate sites. Additional services include offers delivered using our resources such as our community forums. These products may constitute new updates, features, premium benefits, and product guarantees.

In case of any queries, comments, or complaints regarding our data processing or this Privacy Policy, do contact us at:


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PDFStuff Data Protection

Any concerns relating to the data collected under this Privacy Policy may be forwarded to our Data Protection at support(at)pdfstuff(dot)com. Whatever the nature of your requests, from removal and deletion to modification and data transfer, we are ready to assist. Please note, each inquiry should be accompanied by your name, address, and email to enable us to respond appropriately.

Changes to the Policy

We reserve the right to make any alterations on the Privacy Policy as we deem necessary. Any modifications made will take effect immediately, thus, we advise that your review this policy frequently. The Last Updated subtitle will relate to the date of the last revision. Continued use of our services after modifications have been made and effected will be taken to mean you understand and accept to be bound by our policy. It is worth noting, however, that any significant amendment done on the policy will be communicated to you via email or as a notice on the website to the best of our ability.

Below information relates to what data we collect, the processing it undergoes, and the use of the same. Before that, we, however, find it appropriate to expound on our basis for doing so’

  1. Customer’s personal information is processed as part of a contract with the customer when they use our services or purchase our products
  2. We collect online identifiers as visitors access our website, processing the same on for legitimate interests only and in accordance with the law.
  3. Processing of data for direct marketing to customers,
  4. Where customers grant us consent to process their personal information.

Information we collect

Type of Information How do we use it?
Visitors who contact PDFStuff to receive software support, submit their complaints, or request product quotations will be required to provide their name and email address. What will you do with such information? The purpose of the request is to establish a communication channel that PDFStuff can communicate with its customers. The customers’ details will not be used for any other purposes not disclosed in this privacy policy.
What happens when a client provides personal information concerning another third party such as their email address and names? How does PDFStuff handle such information? Due to PDFStuff’s commitment to their users’ data privacy, we will not use the provided email address for other purposes besides sending information related to our Services and to keep you updated about new features.
PDFStuff gathers information from users who visit our website. The collected information comprises IP addresses, MAC addresses, or other online identifiers such as cookies, agents, device identifiers, etc. (“Online Identifiers”). The purpose of the collected data is to improve (1) evaluate our website performance metrics and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance; (2) To enhance users’ experience whenever they visit our website; and (3) to audit our performance such as website traffic and customer preferences.
The company also collects additional information concerning technical Non-Personal Information (as detailed above) such as your click stream, type of browser, time, and date that relates to your visit to our website. We rely on the collected data to optimize our website and improve your customer experience. The collected data is not shared with other third-party entities.
Customers who visit our website can upload content attributed to the services offered by PDFStuff (“User-Generated Content”). Users are allowed to upload user-generated data on our website. The provision of access to such personal information is considered as consent to use the data for our use.
Potential clients who intend to receive a free trial and price quotation for our products are asked to provide their business and personal details such as their full name, email address, company, phone number, and country. We use such information to maintain two-way communication with you and to avail of the free trial package to your business. Subsequently, we will use your email to inform you about new business products or service features.

How we collect information

The information we collect from you is dependent on the nature of your interaction with our services and may be done using either of the below methods;

  • Automatically- through the use of cookies to gather some information automatically. This will be expounded further in a later section.
  • Provided voluntarily by you- information is collected if and when you choose to make it available to us. This may be achieved during registration, requesting support, payment process, and communication when you contact us.

User rights

It is the right of each individual to be made aware of the type of information we store about them and depending on the laws applicable in their jurisdiction, to have such information shared with them. Individuals also have the liberty to seek our confirmation on whether or not we process their personal information., they may also be entitled to obtain the personal information they have provided us in a structured format, the machine-readable format, and to transfer such information to another party. The extent of this right is however subject to the applicable laws and their limitations.

The primary rights with regard to the data protection laws that apply to personal information are; the right of access to any personal information provided to us; the right of alteration; right of erasure, the right to limit processing; the right to prohibit processing; the right to data transferability; the right to complain to a supervisory body; and the right to withdraw consent to the applicable extent.

Data Retention

Your information will be retained for as long as your account remains active, the duration you need our services, or until you withdraw your consent all in accordance with the legal requirements. We reserve the right to delete or amend information on our systems, without notice to you, if and when we deem it appropriate to do so, such as its irrelevance to the current purpose.


Persons under 16 years are prohibited from the use of our services or website. For those above 16 years but below 18 years or the legal majority age in the respective jurisdiction, the use of our services is only permissible upon receiving an expressed and informed consent from a parent or guardian. In the event you are aware or suspect of a child has shared any information with us, please contact us at: support(at)pdfstuff(dot)com.

Sharing Personal Data

No personal information we collect is shared with third parties except in the following instances;

1. Legal Disclosure, Policy Enforcement, Third-Party Rights and Company Rights: we may disclose personal information when legally mandated by either a court order or equivalent legal proceeding or when we deem it necessary for the protection of our rights and safety and the safety and wellbeing of the public, fraud investigation and response to requests by the government. There are instances such as that of PDFStuff where we may be mandated to disclose such information in adherence to legal requests by public regulations.

2. Third-party service providers: We may share your personal information with third parties performing certain services on our behalfs such as API providers, tracking, payment processing, and marketing. These third parties are, however, bound to use such information availed to them for the sole purpose of offering the services sought to us.

Non-personal information may be stored on our servers, used, or shared in any of the above instances. It may also be stored for the purpose of providing and improving the services we offer as discussed above. We, however, do reserve the right to disclose or transfer aggregated and processed data to third parties for business or other purposes. Such information relates to the transfer of an individual’s data that the Company collects, processes, and analyzes or as a compilation of several users’ information to third parties.

In case we are not able to provide you with the information requested, we are determined to provide reasonable clarification on the matter, informing you of your rights. This includes the right to forge a complaint to the supervisory authority. We, however, do reserve the right to request evidence of your identity prior to us providing any information as is legally required. With such information allowing for the verification of your identity. The process of locating and removing the data requested may be lengthy and an allowable duration of 1 (one) month is advised from the date you provide the required validation details.

Data privacy and other relatable laws based on your jurisdiction are likely to provide additional rights, all of which will be applicable as we collect your data.


We use Cookies. To learn more about cookie notice, please go to the Cookie Policy.

Security, Intrusion, Declaration

We comply with generally accepted safety standards with regard to the protection of personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and upon receipt. For site security purposes, this involves monitoring of networks to identify any unauthorized access, maintaining the proper functionality of the site at all times, and the development of stringent measures for those found culpable of any offense.

Linking to third party’s site

We may include links on our websites to third party websites whose policies differ from ours. Should you provide personal information on these sites, your information will be governed by their policies and not that of PDF Stuff. We thus, recommend that you carefully review and understand the privacy policy of any website you visit.

Social Media Widgets

Our website may feature some social media widgets such as Facebook and Twitter buttons and widgets as a direct hosting of our site or by a third party. Such widgets are employed for the collection of your IP address during your visits to our website and may have cookies to enable us to improve our services. be advised, however, that your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of their respective service providers.

Direct Advertising

From time to time, we may send our customers emails and other communication regarding our services. We may also send updates and newsletters to those with subscriptions to the newsletters or those who have used our services. You have the right to remove your personal information from our mailing list which ends our promotional communications with you. You can do this by pressing the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each communication or email exchange with us.

Do note, as our customer, we reserve the right to send you service-related communication despite your unsubscribing without offering you a chance to opt-out unless you delete your account. Such communication includes service announcements and administrative messages about your account or transactions of the services. should you wish to terminate or delete your account, please contact us at www.

Please note, despite the deletion of your account from our system, there are certain details we will not delete as per applicable laws and for legitimate business interests. For example, we will not delete your invoices as there are needed for the management of our finances.

Transferring Data Outside EEA

The storage and processing of any personal information provided usually take place in the United States. In case you are a visitor to our website from a region outside the US, any information you provide will be transferred and processed in another country other than the one of access to our services. This fact relates to the US as well where our central database is housed.

We comply with the relevant measures applicable to the European Economic Area (EEA), with regard to their personal information. any information provided to us is safeguarded as per the acceptable level of data protection during transfer beyond the EEA boundaries. For residents of states where consent for the transfer of personal information should be sought, by consenting to this privacy policy, it is assumed you also consent to the transfer of your data.

Do Not Track

Our Services do not respond to Do Not Track. For more detail about Do Not Track, please click here.